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FNB Private Clients might be the one that you need!

FNB Private Clients - Rewards and Budget Facility for you!


For discriminating people making between R750,000 and R1,799,999 per year, the FNB Private Clients Credit Card delivers an unmatched banking experience. This card enriches your financial journey by providing exclusive access to committed private banking personnel and a reasonable monthly cost of R150.00. Enjoy the independence of a budget facility with flexible payment terms of 6 to 60 months and full FNB Global Travel Insurance.

Numerous virtual cards, automatic debt protection of up to R12,000, and Purchase Protect further secure your purchases. Visits to the Slow Lounge, free eBucks sign-up, and easy access to FNB digital platforms are all included. Embrace the FNB Private Clients Credit Card's distinction, practicality, and excellent benefits. Check out our full review and also our other article on how to apply, so you will learn all you need about the card and the lender!

Private Banking
Rewards System
Automatic Debt Protection
Budget Facility

A monthly service cost of R150.00, an initiation fee of R175.00, and a credit card facility service fee of R17.00 are all included with the credit card.

For the peace of mind of cardholders traveling anywhere in the globe, the FNB Global Travel Insurance offers complete coverage.

With a reasonable interest rate, the FNB Credit Card gives customers the flexibility to budget for unforeseen medical costs.

Unlimited virtual cards with frequently changing CVV numbers are convenient and secure for facilitating secure online transactions.

Private Banking provides individualized attention, and a specialized staff of private bankers is on call around-the-clock to help with financial requirements.

If you are looking for other premium cards, or want to dwell on other options, check out the FNB Premier Credit Card as well!

He is also an amazing card, that will give you access to a group of private bankers and an awesome rewards system. Check it out!

FNB Premier Credit Card Full review!

FNB Premier is a card that is made for those who want a rewards program, and some advice from a team of experts! Take a look!

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