Looking for the best card based on your profile

FNB Premier Credit Card might be an excellent option for you!

FNB Premier Credit Card - Lifestyle rewards and a team of bankers!


For those whose yearly income ranges from R240,000 to R849,999, the FNB Premier Credit Card offers an attractive option. A committed group of elite bankers is available to provide you with individualized financial advice. The card provides free prepaid purchases using the mobile app, a 55-day grace period, and free electronic transfers.


You will remain in the same website

Take advantage of a free card purchase option, an auto payment solution, and a customized internet rate for smooth transactions. Overall, the card is a worthwhile option thanks to its extensive advantages, rewards program, and free access to digital platforms. Check out our article regarding a full review, if you require more information, and check out our “How to apply” for more!

Access to a team of bankers
55-day grace period
Automatic Debt Protection
Complimentary electronic transfers

You will remain in the same website

A monthly service fee of R92.00, an initiation fee of R175.00, and a credit card facility service fee of R17.00 are all included with the FNB Premier Credit Card.

With the help of a committed group of Premier Bankers, account holders can receive individualized financial guidance and support to help them reach their financial objectives and make wise decisions.

Account holders are granted free admission to the upscale Slow Airport Lounge, which provides a relaxing area to unwind while awaiting a flight.

Automatic Debt Protection offers extra security in the event that unanticipated circumstances make it difficult for you to make payments, giving you financial security and peace of mind.

With the budget feature provided by the credit card, you can borrow more funds and spread out the repayment over a set length of time, successfully managing your financial flow.

If you are looking for a card that can give you a lot of benefits, but you are still starting your credit card life, perhaps the FNB Aspire can be an excellent option.

As an excellent entry-level card, the FNB Aspire gives access to travel insurance, as well as a very good Rewards system. Check it out!

FNB Aspire Credit Card Full review!

FNB has brought this card to the people, specially tailored for those who are beginning their credit journey, to enjoy the benefits!

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