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Fidelity services - Earn up to R 200 000 per year!


A sizable and well-known business, Fidelity places a strong emphasis on employee development and provides a range of chances for training and career advancement. A positive and encouraging work atmosphere that honors diversity, teamwork, and innovation are also provided by Fidelity, along with competitive salaries and benefits.


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Because of Fidelity's notoriety for offering top-notch security solutions and related services to a variety of clients, staff members can take pride in working for a business that positively affects the community. Check out our article on how to apply for more information!

Career development
Diversity and inclusion

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A variety of training and development initiatives are available from Fidelity Services Group, including workshops, on-the-job training, and formal education courses.

When appropriate, Fidelity Services Group provides part-time and remote work options as well as flexible work schedules.

The Fidelity Services Group promotes a welcoming and inclusive workplace that places a strong emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and open communication.

Yes, Fidelity Services Group supports its workers' professional development. The business encourages internal promotion whenever feasible and gives employees the chance to take on new responsibilities and roles within the company. In order to help its employees realize their best potential and attain their professional objectives, Fidelity Services Group also makes investments in them through training and development programs.

Fidelity Services Group specializes in security solutions and related services, including cash management, guarding, electronic security, and investigations. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality security solutions to a range of clients in South Africa and beyond, and it has a reputation for excellence in its field. Fidelity Services Group also values social responsibility and is committed to sustainability, community outreach, and ethical business practices.

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