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Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card might be the one that you need!

Discovery Bank Gold - Rewards system and unlimited transactions!


Get started with a world of rewards and financial convenience by applying for the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card. This card offers competitive interest rates on savings and positive balances, together with up to 50% cashback returns through the Vitality Money program, for a modest monthly charge of R110.00.


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Take advantage of limitless digital payments, transfers, and debit orders while personalizing your card to your likings. Enjoy special pre-booking access to performances and events as well. The Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card can help you have a safer, more satisfying, and healthier banking experience. Check out our article regarding a full review for further information, and if you are already convinced, make sure to take a look at our “How to apply” article as well!

Excellent Interest-rates
Rewards system

You will remain in the same website

People who earn between R100,000 and R350,000 per year can qualify for the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card.

You can apply online by completing a credit card application form on the Discovery Bank website.

There is a monthly Vitality Money premium fee of R25.00 in addition to the account fee of R110.00. A monthly single credit facility fee of R35.00 is additionally charged.

A rewards program called Vitality Money provides cashback incentives for responsible spending and other financial practices.

Indeed, you can receive interest on your positive balances and saves. You can also increase your earnings by participating in the Vitality Money program.

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