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Capitec Bank - Up to R500,000 in Student Loans!


Aspiring South African students would be prudent to apply for a student loan through Capitec Bank. It supports different educational levels and offers loans up to R500,000 to pay for tuition, books, technology, and living expenses. Up to 84 months of variable repayment time provides convenient payback possibilities.


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For people with a strong financial background, Capitec Bank's tailored interest rates based on credit history offer advantageous terms. Students find it handy because of the simple online application process and quick disbursement to educational institutions. Check out our articles regarding a full review and how to apply if you need more information on the lender and the process itself!

Flexible Loan Ammounts
Extended Repayment Period
Online application
Quick approval

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Yes, students in primary, secondary, and tertiary school can apply for Capitec Student Loans, which are available at all academic levels.

The student loan can be used to pay for education-related expenses like tuition, books, technology, and housing.

Capitec gives customers the choice between a fixed-rate term loan and a revolving credit facility tied to the prime rate; it may even provide a combination of both.

Even while having a job is ideal, Capitec permits applicants to provide a guarantor to secure the loan even if they are unemployed.

Yes, Capitec does provide student loans up to R250,000.00 with extended payback terms of up to 24 months for Curro Academy students.

If you want to consider another lender before finally deciding where you are going to get your student loan, make sure to check out EC loans student loans as well!

Not only they are committed to quick approval, but you can also borrow up to R120,000 in student loans! Check it out!

EC Loans Student Loan full review!

If you are in need of some financial assistance to finish your studies, check out EC Loans and if its conditions might help you!

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