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British Airways Credit Card might be the one that you are looking for!

British Airways - A combination of travel benefits and shopping benefits!


With the British Airways Visa Credit Card, you can travel in style. This card, which seamlessly blends the convenience of shopping with travel dreams, turns spending into Avios, your global passport. Gain access to lounges, interest-free credit, travel insurance, and cutting-edge security features by accruing Avios with each purchase.


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Whether you're shopping, eating out, or refueling, elevate your lifestyle. It's more than just a credit card—it's a pass to life-changing adventures. Go on an infinite journey with the British Airways Credit Card right now. Make sure to check out our article regarding a full review, if you are looking for all the information you might need, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check out how to apply in our other article!

Travel Rewards
Lounge Access
Travel Insurance
Interest-free period

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With every purchase you make with the card, you accrue Avios. Each R7.50 purchased entitles you to one Avio. When you buy tickets or make all of your purchases through British Airways, you can accrue Avios for every R5.00 you spend.

With British Airways, you may use your avios to pay for hotel stays, car rentals, and airline upgrades as well as local and international travel.

The Bidvest Lounges at airports provide four free entrance permits to cardholders. This provides a comfortable and opulent pre-flight experience and gives access to both domestic and international flights.

In order to provide safe online buying, the British Airways Credit Card incorporates advanced security features such automated Lost Card Protection, Buyers Protection, Extended Warranty, 3D-Secure, and OTP.

No, there isn't a cost more to use your card with digital wallets like Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Apple Pay, or Garmin Pay.

If you are looking for an amazing travel card that has many premium benefits, discounts and even can give you companion tickets, make sure to check out the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card!

Not only this card is one of the most opulent regarding travel in the country, but you can also earn extra miles with them if you can apply. Take a look!

SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card full review!

This card might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if it's for you, boy, how this card is wonderful. Check out our full review!

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