What are the best-performing stocks of 2022

Being in the stock market in August was a roller coster, and we are showing now. Here are the best-performing stocks in August 2022.


Financial analysts often closely monitor stock prices in order to identify trends and make predictions about future market behavior.

August was a month of many ups and downs. In this article we are going to be discussing which were the best-performing stocks in August 2022, so you can get in touch about what is happening in the financial world.

These are some of the best dividend stock yielders

Having a good dividend yielder is a must on a nice wallet. Check out our list of some of the best dividend yielders in 2022.

AES Corp.

An American utility and energy production firm is called The AES Corporation.

It has power plants that it owns and runs, using them to produce and sell electricity to final customers as well as middlemen like utilities and business establishments.

One of the top power businesses in the world, AES is based in Arlington, Virginia, and employs 10,500 people globally while producing and distributing electricity in 15 different nations.

From the beginning of August till the end, AES Corp. stocks had a 14.5% of increasing value, which puts her at the beginning of our list.

Nielsen Holdings PLC.

A global, independent leader in measurement and data collection for media, fast-moving consumer goods, and consumer behavior, Nielsen gives clients information about what consumers watch (programming, advertising), what they buy (categories, brands, products), and how those decisions intersect globally and locally.

With a presence in more than 100 countries and services covering more than 90% of the global GDP and population, Nielsen provides clients with this information.

In our list, Nielsen is here because their stocks were 16.3% in August 2022.

Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc. is a worldwide American health care services firm that generates the 14th biggest amount of revenue in the US. Dublin, Ireland, and Ohio serve as its corporate headquarters (EMEA).

 The business, which serves more than 100,000 sites, specializes in the distribution of medications and medical supplies.

Cardinal Health had an amazing 17.3% of increasing value in august 2022, it is interesting to point out, however, that considering the end of 2021, the company’s value actually decreased.

Are we seeing some kind of recovery now?

Constellation Energy Corp.

Energy firm Constellation Energy Corporation is based in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. After breaking away from Exelon, the firm as it exists today was established in 2022. The business offers services for managing energy as well as providing electric and natural gas. Approximately two million people use it in the continental United States. the United States

Prior to its 2012 merger with Exelon, the business was known as Constellation Energy Group

Constellation Energy’s energy supply division changed its name to Constellation, an Exelon firm after FERC approved the transaction.

Its company figures in the top 2 spot because of its stellar 20.6% of increasing value during the month of August.

EPAM Systems Inc.

The American business EPAM Systems, Inc. focuses on service creation, engineering for digital platforms, and designing for digital products.

One of the biggest custom software producers and consultants in the world. The company’s corporate office is in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and there are branches there as well as in more than 40 other nations.

Tensions between the company’s 14,000 Ukrainian employees and the 18,000 Belarussian and Russian staff during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine sparked dissension.

This happened when the CEO Arkadiy Dobkin declined requests to support the Ukrainian military and refrained from publicly denouncing Russia in a statement on LinkedIn.

Why EPAM is our top spot? Well it had an amazing 21.6% increase in value, making it the best-performing stock of the month

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