Are you into some free movies? These apps can help you out

Below are some good apps that can help you in choosing the next movie you are going to watch. Get the popcorn ready!


In times when money is short or the weather is not very favorable for going out, there is nothing better than staying at home and watching a good movie in your free time.

Who doesn’t like it? With popcorn on a cold day, I forget about the outside world and dive headfirst into the film’s story.

A few years ago, even to watch a movie at home we depended on going to a Blockbuster store to choose the movie DVD we wanted. But nowadays, thank goodness, everything is much easier.

Not to mention the great improvement in the quality of TV sets, with sound and images that resemble the experience of being in a movie theater.

Younger generations will hardly understand that sometimes we had to settle for a movie that wasn’t what we wanted because the intended DVD wasn’t available in the store that day.

These are the highest-grossing movies in history

That are some people who don't know how to play it: In this list, we are going to present the movies that made the highest amount of money.

Thanks to streaming and the availability of apps, it is now possible to choose almost any movie to watch from the comfort of your own home. Of course, newly released movies will be available first on pay-per-view channels. Even so, free apps often have good options.

And since there are several apps, below are some good applications that can help you in choosing the next movie you are going to watch.


In this app made available by Amazon, besides movies, it is also possible to watch shows and live channels running 24 hours a day.

New Originals are added each month, so you never run out of options. When you are ready to begin watching, just search by title, genre, or cast member.

There is no need to provide any payment information since the service is free, but you will still need an Amazon account to begin watching. It is compatible with a whole host of devices, including Amazon fire tv, Apple TV, LG, Roku, Xbox, and PS5.

The positives of this app are:

  • No charges ever
  • Award-winning content
  • New content each month

But of course, it has some limitations. So the cons are:

  • Limited content
  • Few new releases


For those who prefer more recent movies, this app, which belongs to NBCUniversal, is a good option for having exclusive access to new movies and to famous studios such as Universal and DreamWorks Animation.

In Peacock’s catalog, there are also: shows, news channels, and live sports, including access to NFL, MLB, and WWE. You also get to enjoy Peacock Originals and Spanish-language programming from Telemundo.

Current programming is included from Bravo and NBC, but if you want access to everything Peacock has to offer, you will have to upgrade to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month.

The highlights of this app are:

  • Recommended for cord-cutters
  • Live sports and news
  • Peacock Originals

But there are also cons:

  • Must upgrade to access all content
  • Most contents are restricted to the NBCUniversal family

Pluto TV

In the Pluto TV app, you have a wide variety of content available, so you never complain about not having something to watch. There are movie options for all tastes.

There are 27 exclusive movie channels and more than 50 channels in the Spanish language. And the best thing is that everything in this app is free, with no restrictions limited to those who opt for a plus version.

The positive points of this app are:

  • 27 movie channels
  • Several popular channels
  • Live TV

The negative points, on the other hand, are:

  • Few new episodes
  • Limited TV programming

I’m sure that with these options you will want every day to be a holiday so you can stay in front of your TV screen! Choose your app and enjoy it now!

About the author  /  Marcelo Lopes


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