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Andela might be just the work that you need!

Andela - Up to ₦ 6 million per year!


Joining Andela is a brilliant career choice given the dynamic nature of technology and the quickly changing prospects in Africa's software development market. Andela was established with the goal of fostering the best software engineering skills. It offers extensive training, exposure to major international IT companies, competitive pay, and the adaptability of remote work.


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At Andela, you'll develop your talents while also joining a thriving tech community and strengthening the tech sector in Africa. Andela promises an interesting adventure in the realm of technology thanks to its creative approach and dedication to maximizing human potential. If you want to learn more, check out our articles regarding our full review and how to apply!

Professional Development
Excellent salary
Remote work
Global Experience

You will remain in the same website

An international tech startup called Andela finds, develops, and connects software engineering talent in Africa with top IT firms around the world.

Visit the official website of Andela, go through the job postings, and submit an online application for a position that fits your requirements.

The application procedure normally entails submitting an online application, reviewing a résumé, conducting an initial screening, conducting technical assessments, conducting interviews, and, if chosen, receiving a job offer.

To improve employees' technical skills, Andela offers comprehensive training and mentoring programs in programming languages and software development.

Andela offers a range of professions in technical leadership, engineering, and software development.

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