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The benefits of working at Amazon go beyond getting to work with wonderful people and making our customers happy every day. Regular, full-time US workers are entitled for a wide range of benefits, as are qualifying family members, such as domestic partners and their kids. Benefits can change depending on your location, how many regularly scheduled hours you work, how long you've worked there, and your job status.


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So, if you want to work on such an amazing company and have acess to a plethora of benefits and experience, than working at Amazon might be the perfect place for you! Check out our article about how is the life of an Amazon delivery driver worker, and if you are already interested, feel free to look our article about how to apply

Complete Healthcare
24/7 help for the employee assistance program
Financial guidance and a 401(k) savings plan
Personal Days, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Vacation

You will remain in the same website

Pets and passengers must not interact with customers, with the exception of assistance animals. They are not permitted to be present when you deliver packages to clients.

Daily 250–300 packets. Around 200 stops were dispersed. Depending on the weather, that translates to 20 to 30 stops every hour.

The number of packages you must transport varies on each block, as you'll discover. Your location, the time of day, and the route all play a role. But in a typical three-hour Flex block, you can count on delivering anywhere from 35 to 80 orders.

The driver works for Amazon four days a week for ten hours each day to deliver packages. The job was meant to be a means of support while he worked on his career ambition on the side.

Between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. local time, deliveries are possible.

There are other options at your disposal if you are looking to work at a great company.

Check out our article on how to apply to become a MacDonald's worker. This company has amazing benefits and it is a good place to be your first job!

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