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African Rainbow Minerals - R 364 462 per year can be your average salary


Through its activities in other nations, ARM provides chances for foreign exposure in addition to competitive pay and benefits packages. The company is a fantastic location to work for anyone seeking for a progressive and socially conscious mining company.


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With holdings in a variety of minerals, ARM is a diversified mining business that offers chances for professional advancement across many fields. ARM is also a desirable employer for those who want to have a beneficial influence on their society and the environment due to its strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Check out our article regarding on our full review, or if you got interested in apply it right away, check out our article on the matter!

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The skills needed to work at African Rainbow Minerals vary depending on the position being offered. For each job, ARM typically looks for candidates with the necessary training and expertise. Certain degrees, qualifications, or permits may be necessary for some jobs, while related experience or abilities may be necessary for others.

Yes, African Rainbow Minerals offers its staff members chances for training and growth. The business provides chances for work shifts and cross-functional exposure, as well as a variety of training programs to improve employees' knowledge and skills. Employees are able to learn more about the business's processes and how various divisions cooperate to accomplish its objectives as a result.

At African Rainbow Minerals, safety, sustainability, and societal responsibility are prioritized in the workplace atmosphere. The business prioritizes safety and makes sure that the environment in which its workers operate is secure. Additionally, the business is dedicated to sustainability and social duty. To reduce the negative effects of its activities on the environment and the community, it has implemented a number of community development and environmental initiatives.

Yes, African Rainbow Minerals has activities in other nations, giving its workers chances for global exposure and professional advancement. The business operates in a number of nations, including Zambia and Australia.

Depending on the particular position and area, African Rainbow Minerals workers' work-life balance differs. Because the business puts a high priority on safety, some jobs might necessitate working odd hours or shifts. However, the business also places a high value on the wellbeing of its workers and offers assistance programs to encourage a healthy work-life balance. The business also provides a range of benefits, such as medical insurance and unemployment coverage, to help workers and their families in the event of sickness or accident.

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Not only you will be working and developing yourself in a wonderful company, R 345 343 per year is also the average salary there. Check it out!

Becoming an AECI employee – R 345 343....

AECI is a chemical company that works in a plethora of areas and businesses. Check out if this is the company you are looking for!

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