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Unveiling Africa’s Best Kept Secrets: 10 Must-Know South African Curiosities

Explore South Africa's rich history and culture with these 10 fascinating facts! Discover these well-kept secrets about the country.


Africa is the second-largest continent on the planet, home to huge cultural diversity, incredible landscapes, and rich history. Within it lies South Africa, considered one of the most popular destinations on the continent due to its many possibilities for unique and unforgettable experiences.

South Africa – Image: Pixabay

Despite being a popular country, there are many must-know curiosities about South Africa that are worth knowing. For those looking to explore the region and uncover its secrets, South Africa is a fascinating place, full of curiosities and incredible stories.

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South Africa is an amazing place, and a lot of people don’t know everything it has. So we are excited to share the most interesting curiosities about this destination. Check out the best-kept secrets of Africa with these 10 unmissable South African curiosities.

The first country in the world to host the FIFA World Cup in 3 different stadiums

In 2010, South Africa made history by becoming the first country in the world to host the FIFA World Cup in three different stadiums, spread across nine different cities throughout the country.

The competition was a milestone for the country, showcasing its ability to host large international events and presenting the world with its rich culture and incredible landscapes.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa left a lasting legacy for the country, cementing its position as a leading tourist destination on the African continent.

South Africa has the highest number of animal species in the world

With a wide variety of habitats ranging from savannas to forests, South Africa has the highest number of animal species in the world, making it a popular destination for safaris and wildlife observation.

Wildlife conservation is a priority for the South African government, and the country has many national parks and nature reserves dedicated to protecting native species.


South Africa has the highest number of people who speak Afrikaans in the world, a language derived from Dutch that has become a symbol of South African identity.

The biggest diamond in the world

The largest diamond ever found in the world was discovered in South Africa in 1905, weighing 3,106 carats.

The country has 11 official languages

South Africa has 11 official languages, the most widely spoken being Zulu and Xhosa. It is worth remembering that there are also other languages not considered officially registered by populations living in more remote areas.

South Africa has 10 Nobel laureates

Among the Nobel Prizes won by the country, we have three for medicine, two for literature, one for chemistry, and four for peace: Albert Luthuli, Frederik de Klerk, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. Now an even more unlikely curiosity: two of the winners lived on the same street, in Vilakazi, Soweto, Johannesburg!


The typical fruit of the country is marula. This fruit is commonly used in the preparation of jams, jellies, juices, and liqueurs. With a sour taste, it is rich in vitamin C.

Restricted sale of alcoholic drinks

The sale of alcoholic beverages throughout the country is prohibited before 9 am and after 7 pm. It is also forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages on the beach.

The second-highest waterfall in the world

Tugela Falls has 948 meters and is considered the second highest in the world, second only to Angel Falls, located in Venezuela.

South Africa: Tugela Falls.
Picture: Andynct, CC BY-SA 4.0

Fourth highest bungee jump in the world

For thrill-seekers, don’t miss one of the highest bungee jumps in the world! If you consider yourself a brave person, you can enjoy the 216 meters from the Bloukrans Bridge to the Bloukrans River in an incredible jump.

Did you like these must-know facts about South Africa?

Without a doubt, South Africa has many interesting and unmissable curiosities that are worth knowing. To stay on top of everything, keep following our content here on our website. There is still a lot to discover about this amazing country!

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