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AECI - R 345 343 per year is the average salary!


A broad variety of job possibilities are available at AECI across its different business sectors, giving employees the opportunity to advance their careers and their skill sets. The business values its workers and makes investments in their professional growth by providing chances for training and job progression.

AECI is a multinational business with activities in numerous nations, giving workers the chance to work in settings with different cultures and environments. In conclusion, AECI might be a convincing option for those looking for a demanding and fulfilling job in the mining, explosives, or chemical sectors. Check out our full review and how to apply article for more information!

Good Salary
Opportunities for advancement and career growth
Work-life balance
Life insurance

Inclusion and diversity are valued by AECI, along with cooperation, creativity, and moral conduct. The business is dedicated to providing a welcoming and encouraging work atmosphere for every employee.

Yes, AECI provides graduate classes and apprenticeships to assist young workers in developing new skills and gaining important work experience in their specialized areas.

A variety of professional development classes, specialized training, and leadership development initiatives are all available through AECI.

A thorough system of safety management is in place at AECI, and it entails routine safety training, the identification and evaluation of hazards, risk assessment, and emergency reaction planning.

To support staff in achieving a good work-life balance, AECI provides flexible working options, such as remote work choices, paid time off, and other perks.

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Becoming an Astral Food employee – Jobs that...

Astral Foods is a company that has a good salary, many opportunities and a lot of interesting benefits. Read on to learn more!

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