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Absa Bank - Up to R250,000 in student loans!


If you need money to pay for higher education in South Africa, applying for a student loan through Absa Bank is a wise move. Absa Bank offers significant funding to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses with loan amounts ranging from R15,000 to R250,000. Flexibility is provided with the choice to pay only interest for the first 12 months, lessening the initial financial stress.

This loan is available to both full-time and part-time students, and credit protection policies offer assurance against unforeseen circumstances. Absa Bank's Student Loan gives students the ability to concentrate on their studies and realize their academic goals thanks to competitive interest rates for those with good credit scores. Check out our article regarding a full review if you need more information, and if you already wants to apply, make sure to check out other article as well!

Flexible amounts!
Good rates
Interest-Only Option
Credit Protection

Yes, depending on your financial needs, the Absa Student Loan has loan amounts ranging from R15,000 to R250,000.

Yes, you have a 12-month grace period during which you can only make interest-only installments before beginning full repayments.

Anyone who is permanently residing in South Africa and earning R3,000 or more per month is eligible to apply for the loan. A parent, guardian, sponsor, or student with a job alternatively may apply for the loan.

Yes, students who study full- or part-time are eligible to apply for the loan. However, full-time students who do not live with their families are the only ones who can receive housing aid.

For eligible students, the loan does indeed cover all costs associated with their study, including tuition, books, and lodging.

If you want to study other options, take a look at Nedbank as well!

Not only do they allow part-time students to borrow money, but you can also get the help of up to R100,000 to help you out. Take a look!

Nedbank Student Loans full review!

If you are a part-time student and feels you need help in order to finish your studies, make sure to check out Nedbank!

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