5 apps you need to have on your phone in 2022

Apps may be a person's best friend, you choose them wisely. Here is a list of the 5 apps you need to have on your phone in 2022


When we talk about apps, you are talking about numerous numbers of software designed for an unimaginable number of tasks and goals. As we should expect, there are some apps that are very useful and well designed, while others…

So, in order to help you save precious storage space on your phone, 5 apps have been chosen as a must-have on any phone.

We are excluding some apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, because of their importance, and the fact they present themselves in several lists, we are giving them honorable mentions to let some space for other must-have apps.

3 apps to help you have more friends!

Are you having any problem making friends, or just want to meet new people? Check out this list of apps to help you make friends!

1- Uber

Starting off in the “transportation” section of this list, we start with the app that not only revolutionized the way we move in the city but also its business model was exported to a handful of other markets: Uber

If you don’t know, Uber is an app that allows requesting a ride from where you are to where you want, with some clicks on your phone and voilà.

Over time, Uber has invested in tools for security, both for the passenger and for the driver. So, to use Uber, you need to register yourself and let them make an investigation so they can preserve everybody on each side of the app.

Alas, they take data encryption very seriously, because of the amount of private information they use, like Social ID numbers, driver’s routes, and passenger locations.

All and all, if you are looking for help that can help in that moment of urgency, you better have Uber Installed on your phone!

2- Amazon

Another powerhouse, but now focused on e-commerce. What has made Amazon such an amazing company was not only the quality of its delivery, or the gigantic catalog where you can find absolutely everything but how easy is to look for something and order.

If you already ordered something from Amazon website, we have seen how intuitive its interface is, and once you made some information inputs, you are allowed to purchase again with just one click. Marvelous, isn’t it?

So, focused on customer experience, Amazon manage to replicate what they do on the Website on the app, and the best part is that you don’t need to create a new account for the phone, you can use the same login and your settings you be saved and transferred!

3- Asana

Asana by many people is considered “Trello’s older brother”, while indeed Trello is the most popular tool when people give it a try on Asana, they usually keep up with it.

This app here lies in the productivity sections since it can help people with task management in a very well-rounded way

Asana is here as a must-have app for two main reasons:

-It is the perfect tool for team management, allowing groups to keep up with their tasks and progress on the goal. Not only that, it provides an environment for people to communicate regarding the task. A pretty useful tool for remote jobs teams.

-It is a useful tool for your personal goals tool, allowing it to break down a big goal into lesser ones, in order for you to keep track and feel the progression on any objective you may set on yourself.

4- Grammarly

This is a must-have app for a very simple reason: if you are the kind of person who needs to type all day long, it is very natural that we become somewhat tired, and mistakes can happen. That is where Grammarly kicks in.

This app (and also a plug-in for browsers) scans through your text and points out some mistakes or misspellings you may have made.

So, if you are the kind of person who writes important messages and e-mails daily for a bunch of important people, you will want to make sure there are no barbaric mistakes in your writing, don’t you? So, you better download Grammarly right now!

5- Spotify

If you are talking about listening to something, there is no better app nowadays than Spotify.

What makes this app so spectacular is how easy its interface is, how you can transfer your playlist from phone to TV, from TV to a Computer, in such an easy way.

Spotify also is the home of many interesting podcasts for music, entertainment, and much more. So, when you download Spotify for the first time, you come for the music and podcasts you know, and stay because of how his algorithm always makes you find new and exciting stuff to listen to

Here is a small taste of some of the coolest apps to have on your cellphone. No matter what kind of person you are, you can always have some app to make your days easier and lighter, can’t you?

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