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Volkswagen - An average payment of more than R 200 000 per year!


Volkswagen is a well-known international automaker with a significant local presence. Working for VW South Africa presents the exceptional chance to be a member of a creative team that is committed to producing high-quality automobiles. Additionally, Volkswagen South Africa is committed to investing in its employees by providing chances for training and development in addition to a competitive salary and benefits package.

The business promotes innovation, teamwork, and diversity and offers a nurturing workplace where people can succeed. With that said, if you want more knowledge on how it is the application process, please, check out the link below for more information!

Good Salary
Benefits package
Work-Life Balance

Many positions are available at VW South Africa in a variety of departments, including engineering, production, finance, marketing, and more. The company has a career website where you can look for open openings.

VW South Africa places a high importance on innovation, teamwork, diversity, and a dedication to quality. The business promotes a friendly workplace where staff members can flourish and have a good influence.

Indeed, Volkswagen South Africa provides graduate programs and internships for recent graduates interested in working in the automotive business.

To assist employees in developing and advancing in their careers, Volkswagen South Africa provides a variety of training and development programs, including on-the-job training, mentorship programs, and leadership development programs.

In order to support employees in achieving a good work-life balance, Volkswagen South Africa provides flexible work schedules and paid time off. Additionally, the business supports the wellbeing of its employees and encourages a wellness culture.

If you want to look at another option in the automobile industry, you should check out our article about Toyota!

The company is amongst the most stable places to work, and not only that, Salaries range from R 7 393 per month to R 29 500 per month!

Apply at Toyota – R 7 393 per month to R 29 500...

Toyota is one of the titans in car manufacturing, which means that here you will find stability, good salaries, and much more!

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