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Virgin Money Personal Loans might be the lender you need!

Virgin Money - Up to R250,000 in personal loans!


There are many advantages to applying for a personal loan with Virgin Money in South Africa. You can benefit from a smooth and simple loan application process together with top-notch customer support when working with Virgin Money. You may choose from loan amounts of R1000 to R250,000 with their loan options, and they provide competitive interest rates that start at 12.9%. Additionally, you can choose your own repayment schedule, which is flexible and affordable and ranges from 1 to 84 months.


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The responsible lending processes of Virgin Money ensure that they evaluate your ability to repay the loan and make you a loan offer that is appropriate for your financial condition. Additionally, they uphold data security, and their collaboration with NCA-accredited lenders gives you confidence in the borrowing process. Check out our Full review and how to apply article if you want to have more information about the lender and the application itself! Check it out!

Good Rates
Repayment terms
Quick access to funds

You will remain in the same website

Virgin Money gives you the freedom to select a loan quantity that meets your needs by offering loan amounts ranging from R1000 to R250,000.

You can choose a loan repayment term that works with your budget by choosing from 1 month to 84 months (7 years).

Virgin Money ensures you can borrow money at a reasonable price by offering competitive interest rates starting at 12.9%.

Yes, once your loan has been granted, you may utilize the money for a variety of needs, including debt reduction, home improvements, and educational expenses.

After your loan has been granted, you may anticipate receiving the funds quickly, allowing you to take care of your financial obligations right away.

If you want to dwell on other lenders before deciding where you are going to make your application process, make sure to take a look at Old Mutual Personal Loans as well!

Not only you are going to have the backup of one of the most experienced financial institutes in the continent, but you can also borrow up to R200,000 with them! Take a look!

Old Mutual Personal Loans full review!

If you want financial help from an institution with experience and transparency, don't worry, Old Mutual will get you covered!

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