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Find out if you have unclaimed money in your name and how to get it back in a simple, safe and free way. We will show you how to do it!


Discover how to search for Unclaimed Money on your name Today

If you have been struggling financially or need some extra cash in this time of crisis, find ways to find unclaimed money in your name that has been forgotten or lost over time and get some relief.

Over the past few years, millions of Americans have suffered the economic impacts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has made it a good time for you to look for some extra cash and unclaimed cash in your name.

Of course, we’re not talking about hoping you find a $10 bill in your pants pocket or on the floor, but rather efficient ways to check online to see if there’s any money in your name forgotten lying around.

Not many people know, but according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Managers (NAUPA), 1 in 10 Americans have unclaimed money somewhere.

This money usually comes from funds from banks, financial institutions or companies that the owner no longer makes any contact with for a period longer than one year and is delivered to the State.

These are usually a neglected checking account, a forgotten savings account, security deposits, an uncashed paycheck, gift cards that have not been redeemed, or a tax refund from the IRS.

If you want to know how to search for unclaimed money on your behalf, we are going to teach you some easy and free ways below:

Find out if you have unclaimed money in your name.

How to find unclaimed money in your name

Finding a forgotten savings account or paycheck you didn’t even know still existed is always good, but during times of crisis and uncertainty, it gets even better. Fortunately, there are reliable ways and websites that can help us find that unexpected money.

The first step is to go to the NAUPA website. It is a national network that collects records from all 50 states across the country. After accessing it, you will find different links to each state’s official unclaimed property program.

It is recommended that you access these links directly from NAUPA, as they are government-vetted resources, that is, reliable. So avoid searching through search engines in general to avoid scams or fraud.

When choosing a certain state, you will be redirected to the official website. Then search for unclaimed money just by adding your current and maiden name if you have legally changed your last name.

In addition, it is recommended that you do different searches, such as using only the first letter of your first name and your surname or your full name, as a guarantee.

Unclaimed money goes to the state in which the company or institution is located, which could mean you have unclaimed money in more than one place, especially if you’ve moved to another state over the years.

To search for unclaimed money in multiple states at once, NAUPA recommends that you visit, a free website they offer. Remember to check all the states you lived in or did business with.

How to cash in money found?

By going to the official link to look for your unclaimed money, it is possible that each state has its own process for verifying and redeeming it, but overall it is quite simple.

You just need to be prepared to prove ownership of what you’re claiming, with a utility bill or Social Security number. You will also need proof of identity, such as a copy of your passport or driver’s license, for example.

The time the refund will be made can also vary by state, but usually takes less than 30 days.

Some situations such as undelivered tax refunds, unclaimed pension funds and savings bonds are common to find lost or forgotten money and people usually forget to verify.

Therefore, check some other government sources with searchable databases that you can look for unclaimed money:

  • IRS website.
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.
  • US Treasury.

With all the recent events and the slow and gradual recovery of the economy, every dollar matters to the average American consumer.

So, if you think you’re in need of some cash or you’re stressed out going through some financial problems, be sure to remember this resource and look for unclaimed money in your name on trusted sites like and

This money is yours and it is completely safe and reliable to request them. Also, don’t forget to check cash rewards from credit cards and gift cards, for example, that can be claimed, so we can help you out.

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