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Total Nigeria - Up to ₦ 8million per annum!


Applying for a position at Total Nigeria offers a rare chance to work for a significant energy company with a storied past that dates back to the 1960s. A dynamic and varied work environment is offered throughout many sectors of the oil and gas industry by Total Nigeria, presently known as TotalEnergies. Employees who work for this multinational energy conglomerate enjoy competitive pay, job stability, and advancement possibilities. TotalEnergies is dedicated to establishing a supportive work environment and employee involvement.


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Your work also helps Nigeria's economy thrive and its communities develop thanks to the company's commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Join Total Nigeria for a fulfilling career that blends energy knowledge with a dedication to the future of sustainability. Check out our articles regarding the company and how to apply for it, if you are looking for more information about the the company!

Excellent Salary
Job security
Career Growth
Employment Engagement

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Total Nigeria's main business is the exploration, production, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products in the oil and gas sector.

Competitive pay, job security, possibilities for career advancement, employee engagement programs, well-being initiatives, training programs, community impact efforts, and access to a worldwide network of professionals are all examples of benefits.

Technical knowledge in the energy sector as well as adaptability, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and a dedication to sustainability and safety are highly recognized.

Yes, a lot of workers, especially those who belong to a union, frequently experience job security, giving them a feeling of permanence in their professions.

Yes, the business frequently provides training and development programs to employees to improve their knowledge and abilities and assist their professional development.

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