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Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card might be the one that you need!

Standard Bank Titanium - Save money by accumulation points!


The Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card is a great option for South African professionals and recent grads. It offers alluring benefits and features with a lower minimum income requirement of R25,000.00 and a monthly service cost of R86.00. This card offers peace of mind with insurance features like travel coverage and purchase protection as well as travel benefits with savings on flights and rental cars.

Take advantage of secure online purchasing, up to 55 days of interest-free financing, and seamless digital management. One can save money, accrue rewards, and take advantage of a variety of perks suited to their lifestyle and financial requirements with the Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card. Check out our article regarding a full review, if you need more information, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check the “How to apply” article!

Rewards program
Travel benefits
Lifestyle Discounts
Insurance Coverage

The Titanium Credit Card gives users a lot of financial flexibility because its credit limit can reach R250,000.00.

The startup charge for the Titanium Credit Card is R180.00, and there is a monthly service fee of R86.00. Deposit fees, inter-account transfer fees, and costs for ATM withdrawals are additional charges.

Yes, holders of the Titanium Credit Card can connect their phones to the SnapScan or Masterpass apps to conveniently make purchases.

Through the Standard Bank mobile app or by going to your nearby Standard Bank branch and speaking with a consultant, you may apply for the Titanium Credit Card.

If the account is fully paid off within 55 days of making a purchase or withdrawal, consumers may benefit from up to 55 days of interest-free credit.

If you are looking for a more exclusive credit card, and you have a lot of monthly income, you should consider the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card as well!

Not only does it have many travel perks, but you will also have access to a private banker to fit your financial needs. Take a look!

Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card Review!

The Platinum card is destined for those high and mighty, and because of it, offers amazing features. Take a look at them!

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