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Standard Bank might be the best option for you!

Standard Bank - Up to R 120,000 in student loans!


For South African students looking for financial assistance for their higher education adventure, applying for a student loan with Standard Bank is a prudent decision. Standard Bank provides complete coverage for tuition fees, books, study materials, and housing expenses with a maximum loan amount of R120,000.00 per year and a flexible interest rate starting at 7.75%.

The loan's flexible repayment terms lessen the financial strain on students. It is especially more tempting because there are no collateral requirements, which allows people from low-income households to pursue their academic goals without worrying about money. The student loan from Standard Bank is a dependable partner in accomplishing educational objectives and paving the way for a better future. Check out our articles regarding the full review and how to apply if you want more information about the lender!

Good Coverage
Flexible ammounts
Good rates
Quick disbursement

Yes, the student loan pays for living expenses as well as tuition, books, and other educational costs.

No, there are no penalties for paying back your student loan early.

Yes, people who still owe money from college and need additional financial aid can apply for a student loan.

No, as the student loan from Standard Bank is an unsecured loan, collateral is not required.

No, the Standard Bank student loan is exclusively available to South African citizens.

If you have the opportunity, please, make sure to take a look at the student loan that NSFAS has to offer!

Not only do they focus on many students and can help with living expenses, you also do not have to repay them, it is a bursary! Take a look!

NSFAS Student Loans full review!

NSFAS is one of the most important institutions in the country if you are a student and need bursaries to finish your studies!

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