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Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Credit Card should be your choice!

Standand Bank Diners Club Platinum - Flight Discounts and more!


The Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum credit card is the height of luxury and practicality and was created especially for discriminating people and frequent travelers. It promises an unmatched voyage with access to premium airport lounges across the world, flight savings, and lifestyle activities. While the card's extensive insurance coverage offers piece of mind, its tailored interest rates ensure sensible spending.


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Enjoy real-time transaction updates and notifications while accruing ClubMiles that can be redeemed for a range of benefits. It is an attractive option because of the quick and simple application process and the available customer service around the clock. With the famous Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum credit card, embrace a world of extravagance and travel benefits. Check out our article regarding a full review, if you want even more information, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check out our article on how to apply as well!

Airport Lounge Access
Flight Discounts
Lifestyle Experiences
Rewards points

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A premium credit card is available through Standard Bank and Diners Club International called the Standard Bank Diners Club Platinum Card. It is intended for people who travel frequently and make at least R500,000.00 a year in income.

The card has a fixed interest rate and a monthly charge of R108.00. The minimum monthly payment is equal to 3% of the balance due.

Yes, the card grants access to roughly 1,300 airport lounges across more than 140 nations.

Yes, the card provides lifestyle perks like access to the Diners Club network privileges, special deals at partner restaurants, invites to exclusive events, and discounts at golf clubs.

Yes, all public transportation tickets purchased with the Diners Club Platinum Card come with free Phase 1 Travel Insurance.

If you are not looking for a premium credit card, but the contrary, you may want a low-cost credit card for daily stuff, you should look at the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card.

With Global Acceptance and a very flexible credit limit, this is probably one of the best low-cost credit cards in the country. Take a look!

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Full review!

People who want a credit facility that doesn't need any further modifications or complicated adjustments will find it easy with it.

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