Looking for the best card based on your profile

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card migh be the card that you need!

Standard Bank Blue - Probably the best low-cost credit card in the country!


The Standard Bank Blue Credit Card is the ideal option if you're looking for a straightforward and reasonably priced credit card. With a reasonable R40.00 monthly cost and an R5000.00 monthly income minimum, this card provides convenience without breaking the bank. A credit limit of up to R250,000.00 and individualized interest rates based on your credit score provide you freedom.


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Take use of key features including chip-and-PIN transactions, 3D Secure authentication for safe online shopping, and the possibility to connect your card to mobile payment apps. Get the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card today to get the best in hassle-free banking. check out the articles regarding how to apply and the full review if you want more information about the lender!

Low Monthly Fee
Flexible Credit Limit
Global Acceptance
3D Secure Application

You will remain in the same website

Customers looking for a straightforward and reasonable credit option can use the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card, a no-frills credit facility offered by Standard Bank.

The Standard Bank Blue Credit Card has a monthly service charge of R40.00.

Depending on your budget and credit history, the credit limit might be as high as R250,000.00.

No, the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card does not offer travel perks or price breaks on reservations for hotels and flights.

Your credit profile is used to set and tailor the Blue Credit Card's interest rate. Between the prime rate and the repo rate plus 14% are several ranges.

The Standard Bank Gold Card is a great option if your salary is higher than the minimum required for the Blue Card and you want a more exclusive card.

If you can get one, it's one of the greatest cards to start building credit because it offers a grace period. Check it out!

Standard Bank Gold Credit Card Review!

This card is one the favorites of the people, not only because it comes from a very popular bank, but also because of its conditions!

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