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Schlumberger - Up to ₦ 500,000 per month in entry-level jobs!


Applying for a position with Schlumberger is a unique chance to join a storied and forward-thinking business that is firmly rooted in the oil and gas sector. Schlumberger has a long history stretching back to 1926 and has consistently invented cutting-edge technology, making a substantial contribution to the development of the industry. Being a part of a global leader, learning about many cultures, and receiving a competitive salary and benefits are all benefits of working here.

By putting a priority on safety first, Schlumberger invests in your professional development through training and development. A chance to work for a company that is dedicated to sustainability, knowledge sharing, and having a significant impact on Nigeria's energy environment exists when one joins Schlumberger. Make sure to take a look at our articles about how to apply if you are already convinced. However, if you need more intel, we have an article about a full review so you can check it out!

Good Salary
Healthcare Coverage
Retirement planes
Training and development

In both onshore and offshore settings, Schlumberger personnel in Nigeria frequently operate in exciting and demanding circumstances. They could take on fieldwork, data analysis, and other technical responsibilities.

Yes, Schlumberger supports professional advancement. Training, experience, and performance all contribute to an employee's ability to advance within the firm.

The company Schlumberger places a high priority on safety and offers thorough training and procedures to protect staff members working in potentially dangerous conditions.

Yes, Schlumberger's global presence gives Nigerian personnel the chance to work abroad and exposes them to a variety of cultures and experiences.

In Nigeria, Schlumberger takes part in CSR and community service programs that let staff members become involved in giving back to the neighborhood.

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