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SBV Services - Average salary is R 365 684 per year.


One of South Africa's top providers of security and cash management services is SBV Services. An fascinating and fulfilling professional path can be found at SBV Services. Employees are given the chance to acquire a variety of useful skills and experiences with a strong emphasis on safety, security, and customer service.


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Competitive pay, thorough training, prospects for professional progress, and a positive team environment are just a few advantages of working with SBV Services. If you want to learn more on the application process, check out our article and see how to apply

Good Salary
Career development
Job security

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A variety of jobs are available through SBV Services, such as those for cash-in-transit guards, tellers who process cash, ATM technicians, drivers, and administrative support positions

To guarantee that they have the skills and information required to flourish in their professions, new hires undertake thorough training. In order to keep staff members abreast of technological advancements and industry best practices, SBV Services also offers continuing training.

SBV Services is dedicated to providing chances for career progression and internal promotion. With a variety of training and development programs, employees can enhance their knowledge and expertise and advance to higher positions within the organization.

Yes, SBV Services provides its employees with a variety of health and wellness benefits, including as medical and dental insurance and wellness initiatives to encourage good living choices.

SBV Services prioritizes employee safety and security, and it has a variety of policies, practices, and tools in place to guarantee their wellbeing. Rigorous background checks, security training, and safety procedures are part of this.

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