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In 1936, Sappi, a leading manufacturer of paper and pulp, was established in South Africa. Packaging papers, specialty goods, and wood pulp that dissolves are just a few of the paper and pulp products that the company manufactures and distributes. One of the biggest pulp and paper businesses in the world, Sappi has operations in over 120 nations.

With all that said, Sappi is an excellent place to work if you want a good wage and the stability of a big company. If you want more information, you can check our full review and our article on how to apply

Health Insurance
Paid time off
Education reimbursement
Retirement program

The skills required for each position at Sappi will be different. A high school diploma or its equivalent may be required for entry-level positions. A college degree or comparable experience may be necessary for tasks that are more complex or technically oriented.

The three pillars of the Sappi culture are innovation, sustainability, and teamwork. Employees who are proactive, show initiative, and have good teamwork skills are valued by the organization.

The Sappi activities in South Africa most likely adhere to the same strict safety, health, and environmental protection standards as their international operations. Sappi is dedicated to giving its workers and contractors a safe and healthy work environment, and they strive hard to increase their safety performance.

Depending on their qualifications, experience, and performance, individuals at Sappi may have prospects for development because the company values people who are proactive, take initiative, and work well in teams. In order to aid personnel in advancing in their careers, the organization provides internal training and development programs.

Yes, Sappi may offer bursary or scholarship programs

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