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An incredibly big company that started out in South Africa!

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In 1936, Sappi, a leading manufacturer of paper and pulp, was established in South Africa.

One of the biggest pulp and paper corporations in the world, the business works in more than 120 nations.

Apply at Sappi – Where an operator earns R 12 561

Sappi is one of the biggest and strongest companies in the country, and working with them can be a great opportunity. Learn how!

Sappi is renowned for its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the production of premium paper and pulp goods.

Coated fine paper, packaging papers, dissolving wood pulp, and specialty papers are all part of Sappi’s product line.

Furthermore, customers of the business are mostly found in the building, construction, and energy industries, as well as the packaging, printing, and specialty markets, including paper merchants and converters.

In addition, Sappi places a high priority on sustainability; the business practices ethical and responsible forestry, and it belongs to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization that supports sustainable forest management.

Also, they are dedicated to creating goods that have little effect on the environment and encourage the sustainable use of resources, and they also have a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).

Sappi also prioritizes minimizing its environmental impact by encouraging recycling and conserving electricity, water, and garbage.

If you are willing to learn how it is to work for this company, keep reading as we will have more information for you!

What job opportunities can I find at Sappi?

Sappi offers a wide range of job opportunities across various departments, including (but not limited to):

  • Production: Positions in manufacturing, operations and maintenance, quality control, and logistics, among others.
  • Engineering: There are opportunities in process, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, as well as research and development.
  • Sales and marketing: roles in account management, product management, and market research
  • Finance and Accounting: Positions in financial analysis, budgeting, and reporting, as well as accounting and tax.
  • Human Resources: Opportunities in recruitment, employee relations, and talent management
  • Supply Chain and Procurement: Roles in Sourcing, Logistics, and Inventory Management
  • Information Technology: Positions in software development, systems administration, and data analytics
  • Health and Safety: Opportunities in Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management, and Compliance
  • Research and Development: Sappi invests in Research and Development to explore new technologies, products, and processes to meet the changing needs of its customers.

It’s important to note that job opportunities may vary depending on the company’s policies, location, and market. It’s best to check with Sappi’s career website or talk to the recruitment team if you have any questions regarding the job opportunities available.

What is the average salary of a Sappi worker?

It is hard to make an average salary for a Sappi worker, but we summed up our sources to get some numbers.

Indeed, it is estimated that the average Sappi operator’s monthly income in South Africa is about R12,561, which is 40% more than the country’s average.

Salary data is derived from two sources: employees, users, and past and present job ads on Indeed over the previous 36 months.

At the same time, Payscale shows that the majority of jobs in Sappi pay more than R 10 000 per month on average, making Sappi a very good place to work.

What are the benefits of working at Sappi?

Sappi, being a large company, likely offers a wide range of benefits to its employees. Some of the perks that may be available include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their families
  • Retirement plans such as 401(k) or pension plans can assist with long-term savings.
  • Generous time off, including vacation and sick leave
  • Employee assistance programs for confidential counseling and support services
  • Opportunities for professional growth, including training programs and conferences
  • Work-life balance can be achieved through flexible working options such as telecommuting or flexible schedules.
  • Competitive compensation packages, including salary and benefits
  • Bonus and incentive plans based on performance, tenure, and other factors
  • Employee discounts on products and services

It’s important to note that the benefits package may vary depending on the company’s policies, location, and the position of the employee.

It’s best to check with your manager or HR representative to confirm the specific benefits offered by Sappi for your role.

How to apply to work at Sappi?

Take a look at our next article, where we will show you what you need to know to apply at Sappi!

Apply at Sappi – Where an operator earns R 12 561

Sappi is one of the biggest and strongest companies in the country, and working with them can be a great opportunity. Learn how!

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