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The SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card might be the one that you need!

SAA Voyager Premium - Bonus Miles and at a faster rate than the Gold Version!


With the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card from Nedbank, enhance your travel experience. This card, which is unrivaled in prestige and opens up a world of benefits, makes travel extraordinary. Gain unrestricted access to airport lounges, accelerate your mileage accrual, and take advantage of special benefits and savings. Automatic travel insurance and flexible repayment options offer peace of mind, while seamless digital integration and a variety of payment methods offer ease.


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The SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card, which transforms routine travel into a spectacular trip while the annual fee reflects its premium status, is the perfect option for discriminating travelers looking for unmatched advantages. Take a look at our article regarding a full review if you want to learn even more details about the card, and if you are already convinced, make sure to check out our article regarding “How to apply!”

Enhanced rewards
Unlimited Lounge Access
Companion Tickets
Premium Upgrades

You will remain in the same website

Individuals with a minimum monthly gross income of R25,000 are eligible to apply for the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card. There are other requirements, but this is the most crucial one

The card comes with perks including limitless access to airport lounges, quick mile earning, tap-and-go convenience, and digital administration via Nedbank's platforms.

One mile can be earned for every R6.00 spent on an Amex card or R10.50 spent on a Mastercard, allowing cardholders to accrue miles more quickly. In the first month after card use, double miles are rewarded.

Yes, cardholders are automatically signed up for the Voyager rewards program, which gives them the opportunity to accrue more miles for certain transactions.

The card gives priority check-in, the opportunity to accumulate miles on travel-related expenses, and the choice to exchange miles for travel-related goods and services.

If by any means you cannot afford this credit card, but still wants to have some good benefits regarding traveling, make sure to take a look at the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card.

Like his "bigger brother", this card can give you miles while you are traveling, alongside some insurance, security, and companion tickets. Make sure to take a look!

SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card full review!

If you are the kind of person who travels a lot, wants to make some Miles, and access insurance and discounts? Then this card is for you!

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