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SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card might be the card that you need!

SAA Voyager Gold - Earn Miles on purchases!


With Nedbank's SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card, improve your travel experience. This card offers unmatched perks and was created with the traveler in mind. Each swipe will get you one step closer to your next vacation by allowing you to easily earn Miles on purchases. Your adventures are made even more gratifying with priority check-in, access to special offers, and the ability to use Miles to pay for airfare and other travel-related expenses.

Enjoy tap-and-go ease, flexible repayment terms, and cutting-edge security measures. By applying now, you may take advantage of a variety of travel benefits and improve your trips with the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card. Make sure to check out the full review article for more information on the card, and our “how to apply” if you are looking to own this card!

Earn Miles
Travel Rewards
Companion Tickets
Flexible Repayments

Priority check-in, the ability to accrue Miles on qualifying purchases, entry to special promotions, and adaptable payback choices are all provided by the card.

Making qualified purchases both domestically and abroad will earn you Miles, and reaching certain spending limits will also earn you additional Miles.

The annual service fee is R700.

Yes, you can get 50% off Nu Metro movie tickets as well as better rental cars and other perks.

Applying is available online, through Online Banking, in-person at a branch, over the phone, or by visiting the website. Make sure you meet the qualifying requirements and have the necessary documentation on hand.

If you are looking for a card that screams "opulence" and "exclusivity", make sure to check out the American Express Platinum Credit card!

Rewards Bonus points, discounts, and travel premium benefits, this card is the best Amex card that you will be able to get your hands on in the country. Check it out!

American Express Platinum Credit Card Full review

If you are the kind of person who wants all the amazing benefits that American Express can offer, and in a premium way, check this out!

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