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PepsiCo - Where the average salary is more than R 20 000!


You get the best of both worlds at PepsiCo: the mindset of an entrepreneur plus reach and resources. Their culture of collaboration and global reach create a constant flow of fresh chances to shape the future and advance your life's work.


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So, if you are looking to work for a company that is experienced, but at the same time is getting more and more modern, working at PepsiCo can be a great opportunity! Check out our full review, and if you want to know more, you can take a look at our "How to apply" article!

Health and insurance
Saving and Retirement
Work-Life Balance Concern

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Yes, Pepsico conducts a drug test before making an employment offer. The drug test is often a urine test that is conducted by a private laboratory and is covered by Pepsico. Additionally, if a workplace mishap occurs or if Pepsico suspects a worker of using drugs, the company has the right to conduct a drug test at any time. If a mandated drug test yields a positive result, any worker's compensation claims may be canceled, and disciplinary action, including termination, may follow.

Yes, Pepsico does occasionally recruit convicts. There have been numerous stories from both present and former workers who were employed after having committed a criminal. These workers think that it is crucial to be sincere and demonstrate rehabilitation.

You should talk about your ambition to have an effect and how much you respect their dedication to their business, staff, and community. Inform Pepsico that you desire to develop personally and professionally while also contributing to your society.

Business casual is the preferred attire for Pepsico corporate roles.

Due to the requisite background checks and drug tests, the hiring procedure at Pepsico varies per position and typically takes several weeks from start to finish.

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