Looking for the best card based on your profile

Nedbank Small Business Credit Card might be the one for you!

Nedbank Small Business Credit Card - More business growth potential with backup!


With the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card, expand the possibilities of your company. This credit card offers individualized financing, flexible repayment choices, and up to 55 days of interest-free credit and is designed for startups, small-to-medium sized enterprises, and sole proprietors. Gain from the Greenbacks Rewards Program, increase your cash flow, and take use of benefits like travel insurance, purchase protection, and AVIS savings.

Manage your money easily with digital banking available around-the-clock and take use of tools like BizPortal and SimplyBiz. The Nedbank Small Business Credit Card is a crucial tool for success since it gives you financial freedom, rewards, and all-around assistance as you go about running your business. Check out our article regarding a full review if you need more information about the card, and if you are already convinced, you can check out our “How to apply” article to help you out!

Personalized Credit
Revolving Facility
Interest-Free Credit
Flexible Repayment

In fact, single proprietors, small-to-medium sized firms, and startups with a minimum annual sales of R150,000 are the target market for the Nedbank Small Business Credit Card.

The revolving facility gives you flexibility in managing your repayments by allowing you to pay only the minimum amount due each month.

You have three alternatives for repayment: budget facility, full payment with up to 55 days of interest-free period, and minimum 5% monthly repayments.

The card offers purchase protection, double Greenbacks points on American Express Card spend, a 5% discount on AVIS SME and Daily rates, up to 4 complimentary trips to Bidvest lounges with qualifying expenditure, and purchase protection.

In order to make wise decisions, you may register your company online through BizPortal, sign up for the SimplyBiz networking site, and obtain the Essential Guide for Small-business Owners.

If you are looking instead for a personal credit card that has an incredible credit limit and other benefits, make sure to take a look at the Capitec Bank Credit card.

Not only this card has insurance and cashback benefits, but you can also have up to R500,000 in credit limit. It might be worth checking out for you!

Capitec Bank Credit Card full review!

If you are looking for a credit card that can give you cashback, insurance, and an insane credit limit, look at this one!

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