Looking for the best card based on your profile

Nedbank Revolve Rewards might be the one that you need!

Nedbank Revolve Rewards - Gain rewards on business expenses!


Earn points for each expense incurred by your company while taking advantage of a revolving-balance payment option. Pay off your debt in full each month to avoid paying interest. This card is designed specifically for organizations with a minimum yearly turnover of R360,000. Spend with your American Express Card to earn double Greenbacks rewards and take advantage of up to 55 days of interest-free credit.

ith 24/7 digital banking, including the user-friendly Money app and Online Banking, you can make managing your finances easier. Give your company more freedom, rewards, and a smooth banking connection. Take a look at our “Full review” article for more information, and try to check out our “How to apply” article if you are already convinced

Rewards on Business Spend
Revolving-Balance Payment Solution
Interest-Free Balance Settlement
Double Greenbacks on American Express Card Spend

With the revolving-balance payment option, you can manage your financial flow more easily and carry a debt while not incurring interest if it is paid in full each month.

You receive rewards for spending money on your company's behalf, and the card helps you maximize your benefits by giving you double Greenbacks rewards for using an American Express Card.

Yes, the card can be given to employees who make purchases on the company's behalf, adding to the convenience of business dealings.

The card has an R53 monthly charge.

The card gives you a grace period for payments of up to 55 days of interest-free credit.

If you are looking to check out some other amazing business cards that Nedbank may have for you, make sure to take a look at the Nedbank Business Credit card!

Not only it is an outstanding card for those who have their business already up and running, but you will also have access to multiple Nedbank partners to help you out! Take a look!

Nedbank Business Credit Card full review!

If your business is already on the right track, and you want it to have even more positive results, this card might help you out!

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