Looking for the best card based on your profile

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card might be the card that you need!

Nedbank Platinum - Premium Travel Benefits and credit options!


Enhance your banking experience with the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card. This card provides specialized benefits for the discerning person, opening doors to upscale airport lounges, travel insurance up to R3 million, and amazing savings. Take advantage of real-time notifications, card management, and security.

Accept the ease of no transaction costs, tap-and-go usability, and worldwide ATM accessibility. With the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, every purchase you make turns into Greenbacks, putting you one step closer to amazing savings. To gain access to a variety of benefits and easy financial management, apply today. Make sure to check our articles regarding a full review and a how to apply article for further information!

Travel Perks
Purchase Protection

Enjoy first-rate travel benefits like access to airport lounges, travel insurance up to R3 million, savings on vehicle rentals, and Greenbacks rewards on qualified purchases.

The card has a R96 monthly service fee and an R27 Greenbacks linkage fee that are both optional.

Yes, the Money app and Online Banking make it simple to manage your card, and they both offer features like tap-and-go payments and real-time transaction alerts.

Based on your credit profile, the card has a customized interest rate.

No, there are no transaction fees with the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, improving your ability to spend.

If you are looking for a credit card as good as this one, but perhaps you do not have the minimum requirement for this one, make sure to take a look at the Nedbank Gold Credit Card.

Not only it also features travel insurance and discounts as well, you also have access to the rewards system Nedbank Offers, take a look!

Nedbank Gold Credit Card Full review!

If you are a person that wants a credit card with many benefits and discounts, make sure to read our review and see if this one fits you!

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