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NAOC - ₦210,000 per month on average


For a number of reasons, applying for a position with the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) is a fascinating prospect. First off, NAOC is a division of the well-known Eni, which guarantees a vibrant and influential work environment. Working here entails making a contribution to Nigeria's essential oil and gas sector, which has an effect on the country's economy and the global energy landscape.


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The business has a long history and has continued to adapt to the industry, indicating stability and possibilities for expansion. For those looking for a fulfilling and significant career in the energy sector, NAOC is an appealing option due to its competitive pay and availability of professional growth chances. Make sure to click on the buttons down below if you need more information about the company, and the application process!

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Job security
Career Development
Health and Safety

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NAOC encourages a vibrant workplace culture that fosters innovation, teamwork, and safety. Employees are encouraged to succeed, and a sense of community is fostered.

Yes, NAOC funds training and development initiatives for staff members' professional advancement. The business cherishes its own employees' talent and frequently promotes from within.

Yes, some NAOC positions include housing or lodging benefits, particularly in locations with a shortage of housing.

At NAOC, security is given top attention. The business takes extensive safety precautions, such as providing workers in the field with protective gear, training, and protocols.

Yes, NAOC is actively working to improve the community. Employees frequently have the chance to support social and community initiatives.

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