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Lime24 might be the lender you need!

Lime24 - Up to R8,000 in payday loans!


You can count on Lime24 Payday Loans when you need rapid cash in South Africa due to an emergency expense. Lime24 offers quick access to funds and swift transfers with loan amounts up to R8000. They provide a quick and easy online application process, and loan acceptance happens in only five minutes.

For your convenience, Lime24 provides multiple repayment choices with terms ranging from 5 to 37 days. Lime24 makes borrowing simple and affordable by offering interest rates that are constantly decreasing, clear terms, and no additional fees. Trust Lime24 to give you the money you require during difficult situations. Check out both of our articles regarding the lender so you make a conscious decision about who might be the best lender for you!

Quick approval
Transparent Fees
Simple process

Residents of South Africa who match the qualifying requirements, such as being at least 18 years old and having a functional bank account, may apply for Lime24 loans.

Lime24 offers immediate transfers, ensuring that you get your loan money as soon as it's approved.

Your information's security is a top priority for Lime24. Your information is kept secure on their website thanks to SSL encryption.

Yes, Lime24 does not impose any additional fees or penalties for early repayment. By paying off the loan earlier, you can save on interest.

Lime24 offers loans with no additional fees or hidden costs since they believe in transparency. The details of the loan and any associated fees are disclosed up front.

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Old Mutual Personal Loans full review!

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