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Working at Landis+Gyr gives you the chance to be a part of a vibrant, fast-paced business that is at the cutting edge of invention and technology. Additionally, Landis+Gyr prioritizes inclusion and diversity, and their workplace culture is built around cooperation, communication, and professional growth for all employees. A challenging and fulfilling job path in a business dedicated to having a beneficial effect on the world can be found by joining Landis+Gyr.

A challenging and fulfilling job path in a business dedicated to having a beneficial effect on the world can be found by joining Landis+Gyr. Check out our full review article for more information, but if you already want to apply for the job, you can also read our post on how to apply!

Good Salary
Career Development
Employee Wellness
Diversity and inclusion

The goal of Landis+Gyr is to support staff members as they advance in their professions. To assist employees in gaining new abilities and knowledge, the business provides a variety of training and development initiatives. These courses cover classroom instruction, online learning, practical training, tutoring, and mentorship. Additionally, Landis+Gyr gives staff members the chance to work on cross-functional teams and rotate jobs in order to acquire new views and experiences.

Sustainability and corporate social duty are important to Landis+Gyr because they want to have a beneficial influence on the world. By incorporating ecological practices into its processes and goods, the business works to reduce its impact on the ecosystem. With the aid of Landis+Gyr's smart grid technologies, utilities and customers can cut back on energy use and greenhouse gas pollution.

Teamwork and cooperation are key components of the workplace atmosphere at Landis+Gyr. The business promotes open communication among its workers and gives them the freedom to express their thoughts and opinions. In order to foster cooperation among workers, the business also provides a variety of team-building initiatives and activities, such as social gatherings, cross-functional projects, and seminars.

Yes, Landis+Gyr operates across more than 30 nations, making it a truly worldwide business. The business gives staff members a variety of chances to collaborate with coworkers from around the globe and work on international initiatives.

To help workers manage their personal and business lives, Landis+Gyr provides flexible work options like flexible schedules and remote work choices. Additionally, the business provides health initiatives and tools to promote employee wellbeing.

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