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FNB Student Loan - Up to R360,000!


Any student looking for financial support for tertiary education in South Africa should make the wise decision to apply for a FNB Student Loan. Students can pay for a variety of study expenses with customizable amounts, including tuition, housing, textbooks, and supplies. The loan has inexpensive interest rates that are competitive and tailored to each borrower's credit scores.


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Credit life insurance also makes sure that the debt is safeguarded in case of unforeseen circumstances. Its attraction is also increased by the flexible repayment options and speedy processing. The FNB Student Loan offers students participating in SAQA-recognized programs a complete and dependable financial solution, enabling them to achieve their academic goals. Check out our article regarding how to apply and a full review, if you need more information about the loan!

Low interests
Repayment terms
Credit Life insurance

You will remain in the same website

Yes, students participating in tertiary programs recognized by the SAQA are eligible for the FNB Student Loan.

The interest rate is variable and starts at 6.5% per year, depending on the risk profile of the borrower.

The loan pays for a variety of study-related costs, such as tuition, books, and on-campus housing.

Yes, overseas students with valid study permits who are enrolled in a reputable South African higher institution are eligible to apply for the loan.

Depending on the repayment option they select, students have up to 84 months to pay back the loan.

If you want to look at other options before finally deciding on where you are going to apply, make sure to take a look at Standard Bank as well!

Not only Standard Bank is a very known institution in the country, you can borrow up to R120,000 in student loans with them! Take a look!

Standard Bank Student Loan full review!

Standard Bank is one of the most important banks in South Africa, and having a student loan with them means having many years of experience.

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