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FNB Private Wealth Credit Card might be the one that you need!

FNB Private Wealth - Interest-free Purchases and Rewards System!


With the FNB Private Wealth Credit Card, customers with a yearly income of R1.8 million or more or investable assets surpassing R15 million may access a world of sumptuous benefits. Take advantage of a strong metal card with tap functionality that exudes exclusivity and strength. Enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free shopping combined with eBucks points, adding value to each purchase. For worry-free travel, use airport lounges and have access to international travel insurance.


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With a personal Private Advisor, unmatched service, and a range of premium services, you can elevate your banking experience. Use the FNB Private Wealth Credit Card to its full potential to live a life of unrivaled luxury and financial freedom. Check out our article regarding a full review if you need more information, and if you are already convinced, make sure to take a look at our article regarding How to apply as well!

Exclusive Metal Card
Interest-Free Purchases
Rewards System
Airport Lounge Access

You will remain in the same website

The credit card's monthly account charge is R275.00.

Yes, you may expand the advantages to your family by adding up to five supplementary cards at no additional cost.

The metal card has a long lifespan, tap functionality, and a number of special financial advantages.

You may use the Smart Spend function on your FNB Fusion Private Wealth Card to make purchases and get more eBucks points. It takes 2 to 3 business days for rewards to appear in your eBucks account.

With the Budget Facility, you may pick between 6 and 60-month payback options, giving you flexibility in how you handle your money.

If you still want an exclusive card, but for any reason you want to look at another option, make sure to check out the review on the FNB Private Clients Credit Card

Not only you will also have the rewards system, but you will also have access to a group of exclusive bankers for you! Take a look!

FNB Private Clients Credit Card Full review!

If you want a card that is made for people that need exclusivity and want to make the best out of benefits, look no further

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