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Flour Mills of Nigeria - Up to ₦148,498 per month!


If you're looking for a rewarding career with a renowned organization, think about applying for a position at Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN). FMN has been a major role in Nigeria's food business for more than 60 years. Working here entails being a part of a group committed to excellence, innovation, and the development of Nigeria's agriculture. Enjoy a competitive salary, health coverage, and a full range of benefits.

FMN prioritizes employment security, promotes career development, and appreciates work-life balance. You'll be a member of a multicultural and gifted team, adding to the history and long-term success of a reputable indigenous company. Apply to FMN today to advance your career while supporting the development of Nigeria. Check out our articles on how to apply and about the company’s full review for even more information!

Health Insurance
Transport Facilities
Work-Life Balance
Job security

Visit FMN's official website or the appropriate application portal during hiring campaigns to submit an application. You can create a profile, look for job openings, and apply online.

Yes, FMN is dedicated to developing talent and provides a range of training and development programs to help employees grow their careers and their skill sets.

Yes, FMN values talented and varied teams and gives staff members the chance to work with peers from different backgrounds.

FMN ensures employee well-being by providing a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance and work-life balance initiatives.

In order to provide chances in numerous areas, FMN has broadened its interests and operates in a number of industries, including agricultural, livestock feed, and pasta manufacture.

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