How they start: The first job of some of the richest people in the world

Check out this list of some of the richest people in the world's first job. An amazing and inspiring list regarding first steps.


Now they are the most powerful and richest people on the planet. But at some point, in history, most of them were just regular Joe’s like you and me.

On the list, we will be looking at the first job of some billionaires. What was their starting point, what kind of work they did do when they started, in order to inspire us and show that, no matter where do you start, it is ourselves who defines the landmarks we are going to get.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

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1- Elon Musk

The Tesla and SpaceX owner figures amongst of the top 3 richest people in the world, that are some days that Elon is in the top spot, and already figure out as one of the richest persons in modern human history.

What many people don’t know, is that this “Real life Tony Stark” started working on a farm and a lumber mill.

In order to avoid mandatory South African Military service, Elon moved himself to Canada, where he started working odd jobs at these places for a cousin.

Quite a start for someone who now owns an electric car Company and a Company that wants to bring humans to Mars.

2- Jack Ma

The Alibaba’s owner said that his first job is one of the main reasons for his success nowadays.

Ma said that it taught him that most of the time we will not be doing something that we enjoy most of our days, but the resilience it builds, allied with a long-term vision to achieve your goals is one of the keys to success.

Although his first formal job was as an English teacher in Hangzhou, China, we know that Jack worked as a tourist guide for foreigners when he was a teenager. He did not only to learn more about the English language but also to train himself and get some money.

This knowledge was decisive when Jack Ma decided to found Alibaba, and because of his knowledge of English, this opened many doors that without this, they would not be able to open up.

3- Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder and one of the most influential persons in the 20 and 21 centuries, Gates was also the richest person alive for quite some time, despite now he promised to donate most of his fortune to charity before he passes away.

His passion for computers is so old that his first job was as a computer programmer for TRW. In Netflix’s documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain”, Gates himself told that this job had a major significance on his life path.

After that, he and his former friend Paul Allen founded the Software powerhouse we know as Microsoft.

4- Warren Buffet

The “Oracle of Omaha”, legendary investor Warren Buffet started as a Newspaper delivery boy at the age of 13.

One very peculiar fact is that Buffet used this money to start buying Pinball machines, that he loaned to some places and begin gaining money.

After that, Warren Buffet always looked for opportunities in business, and this experience surely served him well on his path to becoming one of the most successful investors of all time.

With such a spirit for business and patience, no wonder why Mr. Buffets stills exhale some fresh air despite his age. He is currently 91 years old.

5- Jeff Bezos.

The man who completely redefined e-commerce and delivery website as we know it today, Jeff Bezos is also one of the people who fight for the top spot as the richest person alive.

It is very inspiring to see, therefore, that Bezos’ first job was as a grill operator at a Macdonald’s. He started at age 16 in Miami and Bezos often says that this job teaches him one of the lessons he used even nowadays: to move the product from seller to customer without damaging them in the lowest amount of time possible

6- Oprah Winfrey

Legendary TV host and successful entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey is a true inspiration for people in general, especially black women, regarding fighting for his dreams and goals, no matter the odds.

Oprah’s first job was at a local grocery store when she was 17. Some people may say that this proximity to different people every day begins molding her incredible ability to connect and communicate with almost everybody worldwide.


There was a speech made by Steve Jobs at Stanford University, where he states that sometimes we just understand our experiences we look backward, not forward.

These people showed us that no matter how humble your start, or where you are if you are doing an honest and good job, there will always be lessons that you will learn that may be game-changing on future days.

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