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Working at Expleo provides chances for both professional and personal development, as well as the chance to collaborate with a varied team of experts on interesting and important projects. You will have access to ongoing training and growth opportunities, adaptable work schedules, and a supportive and collaborative work environment as an Expleo employee.


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You can become a member of a creative and inventive team that is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions and changing the world by working for Expleo. Check out our article on how to apply, if you want more information on how to prepare to apply for Expleo!

Good salary
Medical Aid
Flexible Schedule

You will remain in the same website

Employees at Expleo have access to a variety of learning and development options that will aid in their professional development and advancement.

Expleo encourages a friendly and collaborative work atmosphere that gives creativity, teamwork, and open communication top priority. The workplace encourages dialogue among employees and provides opportunities for both personal and professional advancement. Also, it  places a strong emphasis on work-life harmony and offers flexible work hours to accommodate the needs of its workers. The company strives to make the workplace a welcoming and open space for all of its employees because it values variety and inclusion.

Expleo is involved in a wide range of initiatives in a number of fields, including the automotive, aerospace, defense, and energy sectors. The company offers services across the entire product lifecycle, from product creation and production to testing and licensing. The firm has worked on many different projects, some of which include designing and testing aerospace components, creating software for self-driving cars, and coming up with creative solutions for energy companies.

Expleo provides a flexible work schedule to meet the needs of its employees, though working hours may vary based on the role and project.

Yes, Expleo makes investments in the professional growth of its staff members by providing a range of training and development programs to aid in their learning new skills and advancing their careers.

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