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Dufil Prima Foods - Up to ₦ 100,000 on average for entry-level positions


Applying for a position with Dufil Prima Foods in Nigeria is a tantalizing chance to work for a renowned and forward-thinking food business. Since its founding in 1996, Dufil Prima Foods has continuously outperformed competitors in the Nigerian food market. It is perhaps best recognized for their enduring "Indomie Instant Noodles." There, quality, employee welfare, and career advancement are strongly prioritized, allowing employees to become a part of a success story.


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A fulfilling work experience is supported by competitive compensation, bonus schemes, and a wide range of employee perks. Dufil Prima Foods is a desirable option for those looking for a meaningful career in the food business due to the company's job security, prospects for promotion, and a chance to positively impact society through CSR efforts. Take a look at our articles about how to apply and our full review for more information about how it is to work there!

Bonus Programs
Welfare Programs
Healthcare Benefits
Transportation Support

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One of Nigeria's most well-known and adored instant noodle products is "Indomie Instant Noodles," which is produced by Dufil Prima Foods.

By going to Dufil Prima Foods' official website or job-search websites where they advertise openings, you can submit an application. Follow the guidelines to submit your application, résumé, and cover letter.

Yes, Dufil Prima Foods offers a variety of options for internal career growth and promotion given its important position in the sector.

A variety of welfare initiatives are offered by Dufil Prima Foods, including funding for children's school expenses, lunch subsidies, and management and staff retreats.

Yes, employees may have the chance to participate in CSR projects and give back to the local community and society as a whole.

If you are looking for other possible job opportunities that fit your abilities, make sure to check some opportunities at Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC).

Not only does it provide training and development, and the possibility to work for an international company, but you can earn up to ₦210,000 per month on average. Take a look!

Becoming a NAOC employee – Up to ₦210,000...

NAOC is one of the many companies that proves how Nigeria is important for the world economies, and it offers its employees many benefits!

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