Looking for the best card based on your profile

The Discovery Bank Platinum Credit Card might be the one that you need!

Discovery Bank Platinum - Cashback and premium rewards on international flights!


Apply for the Platinum credit card from Discovery Bank to get unmatched financial benefits. Settle into a customized package of benefits with an annual income between R350,000 and R850,000. Get as much as 75% cashback on purchases of nutritious foods and significant savings on foreign travel. With access to more than 1200 opulent airport lounges and special event pre-booking, you can travel in ultimate comfort.


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Get up to 50% off healthcare necessities in addition, and use your Discovery Miles to save money on data, airtime, and other expenses. Easily handle money with the cutting-edge Discovery app. Get the most out of your money by using a credit card that gives you incentives for your spending habits. Check out both of our articles, the full review and the how to apply one, if you are looking for even more information about the card and its features!

Cashback and Discounts
Travel Benefits
Transport Savings

You will remain in the same website

You can save money on foreign travel, lodging, and rental cars with the Discovery Vitality Money Premium in addition to earning up to 60% off local flights and up to 50%, or more, depending on the card, back on purchases of health foods.

There is a one-time R150 single credit facility starting fee for credit limits under R2,000.

No, only the Discovery Purple credit card—which costs R3,250 annually—is subject to the annual card fee.

Yes, you can use your Discovery Platinum credit card to get up to 20% back in mile rewards when you buy fuel at BP and Shell garages.

As a behavioral bank, Discovery Bank offers its customers unique advantages and rewards that are unavailable at other banks, incentivizing them based on their lifestyle and spending habits.

If you do not want or cannot get this card, but still wants to have a Discovery Bank Card in hand, make sure to take a look at the Discover Bank Gold Credit Card.

The first in the family, this card has many security traits and allows you to enter the Vitality program with the unlimited digital payments and transfers that the card has. Take a look!

Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card Full review!

Discovery Bank is an institution that is trying to change some rules in how "traditional banking" works. See if the card fits its shoes!

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