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Discovery Bank Black Credit Card might be the one you need!

Discovery Bank Black - Discounts and Cashbacks in many categories


With the Discovery Bank Black Credit Card, you may improve your financial experience. Designed for successful people earning between R850,000.00 and R2.5 million annually, it provides access to special benefits. Take advantage of fantastic savings on lodging and vehicle rentals, up to 50% off overseas travel, and 75% cash back on purchases of healthful foods with the Vitality Money program.


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Easily handle transactions for a flat monthly credit facility fee of R499.00. Applying for the Discovery Bank Black Credit Card will allow you to enter a world of personalized excellence and embrace sophistication and rewards. Check out our articles regarding a full review and how to apply if you are the kind of person who is looking for a premium card like this one. Check it out!

Premium Rewards
Excellent Rates
Effortless Banking
Travel Benefits

You will remain in the same website

The Black Credit Card has a monthly single credit facility fee of R499.00. In addition, the Vitality Money program has a monthly subscription charge of R65.00.

Through the Discovery Vitality Money program, the Black Credit Card offers premium incentives such as up to 50% off foreign flights, 75% cash back on purchases of healthy food, and more.

Yes, the Black Credit Card offers the best interest rates in the market for savings and positive balances, making it easier for your money to grow.

Interest rates that adjust based on your banking habits provide you rewards. Participating in the Vitality Money program can help you save more money and receive more perks.

Yes, the Black Credit Card streamlines your credit management with a single credit facility that includes an optional overdraft.

If you would still like to have a Discovery Bank card but are unable to obtain this one, be sure to look into the Discover Bank Platinum Credit Card.

Make sure to check out the rewards programs, savings, travel perks, and other premium features that are catered to your income!

Discovery Bank Platinum Credit Card full review!

If Discovery is a disruptive bank, then this card screams the benefits that a different bank can bring to you with style!

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