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Dial Direct Personal Loans might be a good option!

Dial Direct - Up to R250,000 in personal loans!


In South Africa, Dial Direct stands out as a trustworthy option for people looking for personal loans. Dial Direct delivers simplicity and effectiveness with a rapid approval time and an easy online application process. Their adaptable loan alternatives, which range in size from R1,000 to R250,000, meet different financial requirements.


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The reasonable interest rates, which start at 15%, make borrowing possible. Furthermore, Dial Direct offers clear terms and consistent monthly payments for better budgeting. Borrowers can rest well knowing they have the choice of consumer protection insurance and payback via debit orders. Selecting Dial Direct guarantees a trustworthy lender and a hassle-free borrowing experience. Check out both our articles if you want to learn everything you need about the lender and take the best decision on your loan!

Quick Approval
Flexible Repayment terms
Credit updates

You will remain in the same website

Personal loans are available from R1000 to R250,000 through Dial Direct.

A credit check is used to establish the interest rate for personal loans from Dial Direct. It won't go over the maximum advised rate of 24.75% annually.

Dial Direct offers immediate feedback on loan eligibility. You may determine in a matter of seconds if you are eligible for a loan.

The funds will be paid into your bank account within a day if your loan application is approved.

Yes, you are free to pay off your loan early without incurring any fees. You can do this to pay off your debt faster and save money on interest.

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Thanks to their extensive experience and well-earned reputation as one of the largest non-bank suppliers of unsecured loans, Bayport offers financial solutions that can positively affect your life. Not only that, you can borrow up to R250,000 with them! Take a look!

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