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Cashbuild - Salaries range from an average of R 50 646 to R 579 442 a year.


In the building supplies and hardware sectors, Cashbuild has a long history and a solid reputation. The company provides a wide range of goods and services, giving staff members plenty of chances to develop their knowledge and abilities.


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Overall, a position at Cashbuild provides the chance to work for a recognized business that is dedicated to offering high-quality goods and services, as well as the tools and support staff members require to thrive and advance in their careers. Check out our article regarding how to apply, if you want to learn more about how you can get a job at Cashbuild!

Good salary
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Career development

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A variety of positions are available at Cashbuild, including those in retail, finance, logistics, and administration. Cashiers, sales representatives, accountants, logistics coordinators, and human resources specialists are a few of the most typical positions.

Depending on the position and location, Cashbuild employees work a range of hours. Those who work in retail may have shifts that encompass evenings and weekends, but those who work in administration and logistics may have more standard office hours.

Indeed, Cashbuild places a high priority on the training and development of its employees. For employees to grow professionally and succeed within the company, the company provides a variety of training programs and possibilities.

Cashbuild is dedicated to fostering a supportive workplace culture that values cooperation, respect, and teamwork. The company places a high importance on employee welfare and provides a variety of benefits, such as retirement savings plans, employee discounts, medical, dental, and life insurance.

The culture at Cashbuild is one of cooperation, respect, and teamwork. The business encourages diversity and inclusion and works to foster a supportive work environment for its workers.

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