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Take a look at capitec Bank Personal Loans!

Capitec Bank - Up to R 250 000 in personal loans!


For a number of reasons, applying for a personal loan with Capitec Bank can be a wise financial move. First off, Capitec offers loans with sums as high as R250,000, giving customers the resources they need to cover a range of needs. If you want more information and get this loan see more information below.


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See the main benefits below:

Online application
Competitive Fees and rates
Excellent customer service
Reliable institution

You will remain in the same website

Personal loans are available from Capitec Bank in amounts between R25,000 and R250,000.

Depending on your credit risk, the interest rate for a Capitec personal loan starts at 12.9% and may change.

Repayment periods for personal loans from Capitec range from 30 days to 84 months.

Yes, as long as their wage or income is paid into the same account, current Capitec Bank clients may not be needed to present documents when applying for a personal loan.

Yes, you can consolidate your current loans with Capitec Bank to make it simpler to manage your monthly obligations.

If you need to make a loan, but you do not want so much money, let's say you need R 50,000 at maximum, you should be looking at Capfin to check out a solution for yourself!

They are a very respected institution, with a quick and easy process and also transparent fees for you, check it out!

Capfin Personal Loans full review!

If you are in need of a loan fast, and you want to do it with a respectable and yet, very human company, Capfin is a good choice!

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