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Boxer - Earn up to R 14 076 per month


There are numerous reasons why working for Boxer can be a wise career choice for you. Boxer provides a dynamic work environment with chances for growth and development as a leading network of budget supermarkets in South Africa. The business values its workers and makes investments in their growth and education to make sure they have the abilities and knowledge required to be successful in their positions.

A position with Boxer could be an excellent chance for you to grow your career while having a good impact on your community, with competitive pay and benefits packages. Take a look at our article regarding how to apply for more information on the matter!

Good salary
Insurance benefits
Paid time off

Depending on the position and amount of expertise, the wage range for Boxer personnel varies. Yet, Boxer is renowned for offering its employees benefits and compensation that are competitive.

Absolutely, depending on the demands of the position and the needs of the individual, Boxer does provide part-time and flexible work schedules to some of its employees.

Boxer offers a variety of training and development opportunities to its staff, including leadership training, classes on developing specific talents, and on-the-job training.

Employees at Boxer are expected to be customer-focused, inventive, and creative in the company's dynamic and fast-paced work environment. The business places a high importance on work-life balance, diversity, and inclusion.

Boxer is devoted to making a good effect on the areas where it operates. The corporation backs numerous causes and initiatives, including environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and education and youth development. Boxer collaborates with regional businesses and suppliers to foster economic development and employment creation in the communities it serves.If you

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