Best real estate apps: check out our list

Check out the features of each app to choose the one that will give you the information that is important for your decision.


This year, the real estate sector in the US is still booming and attracting both foreign and domestic investors. Specialists point out that Florida is currently experiencing unprecedented heating up in the real estate market, as this coastal region is attributed to the concept of good quality of life.

Furthermore, a positive legacy of the pandemic was the flexibility of working arrangements, with more and more options for working from home. In this modality, it is possible to live anywhere. Thus, people from other states, and even other countries, are looking to Florida to live and invest.

Do you want to save money and compare prices?

Check out the list with price comparison apps and their main features so that you can choose the one that suits you best!

Buying a property to invest in or to live in involves many details. From the desired footage to broker, realtor, and notary fees, among other expenses.

In the American real estate market, there is yet another factor that complicates any negotiation for those who do not know the specifics of the sector: each of the 50 states has its own laws for buying and selling real estate.

Therefore, the role of the realtor is essential in this transaction. He is the intermediary prepared to deal with so many rules.

But if you want a little autonomy in this process of searching for the ideal property for you to live or invest in, then the list we have prepared can help you. In the list, you will find the best real estate apps. Check out the features of each app to choose the one that will give you the information that is important for your decision.


This is the most visited real estate app in the United States. It has a feature to share the properties you are interested in with your family or realtor, it allows you to start the process of renting or buying quickly, it has a registry of more than 135 million homes, a search by the detailed filter, you can visit through a virtual tour, receive notification of selected properties, in short, it supplies almost all of the user’s needs.


Xome Auctions is the best app for buying a property through an auction, as it allows online bidding. An interesting feature of this app is the information about each property, whether it can be financed or not. Users can also use Xome’s pre-auction feature to bid on properties in advance. Xome offers transparent bidding and fast closing. Listings in the app come from various listing services as well as from Xome’s proprietary sources.


Redfin is a real estate brokerage that combines state-of-the-art technology with real Redfin realtors and customer service employees who keep the human element in the process. This app provides the user with personalized surveys, and accurate estimation of home values, mortgage, property tax, and insurance calculations. The interface of the Redfin app is simple and easy to use. Redfin’s application interface is simple and easy to use. Users can review some neighborhood details and set up notifications to alert them of homes that are available according to their criteria.


This app is interesting for those who want to know about what is included in the price of a house, as well as local information about neighborhoods, schools, shopping, notifications about new houses on the market, and financing. This app allows the user to view what residents say about the neighborhood, such as ease of parking or walking the streets at night, for example.

This app is a favorite place for rental property owners as it combines amazing images to show prospective tenants what the property offers. Prospective tenants can apply directly through the app. It has search filters that include wheelchair access, air conditioning, dishwasher, and whether the unit has a washer/dryer.

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