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Belgotex - You can earn up to R 20 000 per month!


Belgotex is a top producer of carpet and artificial grass in South Africa, offering a rare chance for motivated and passionate people to join a vibrant business. Belgotex is more than just a place of employment because of its focus on cultural revolution and a beneficial impact on society. It's a place where you can develop, learn, and have a significant influence.

If you want to work for a company that will pay you well, provide you with training and benefits, and most importantly, provide you with meaningful work, Belgotex may be the place for you. If you want more information in this regard, check out our article on how to apply!

Retirement plans
Insurance benefits
Paid time off
Opportunities to advance your career

Yes, Belgotex offers training to help employees in South Africa gain the skills necessary for their jobs.

Belgotex is committed to sustainability and makes efforts to reduce its negative environmental effects, notably by using eco-friendly products and procedures.

Belgotex may provide opportunities for career progression for its employees in South Africa through internal promotions and professional development initiatives.

Belgotex is committed to supporting the communities where it conducts business, especially through partnerships and projects in the country.

In line with its dedication to civic participation, Belgotex may offer chances for its employees to participate in volunteer and community service projects in South Africa.

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